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How can I temporarily shield the roof that has been damaged by a storm?

Feb 19


If your roof is affected by storm damage, it's crucial to call roofing services in Mesa , AZ, or locally to you. There's a good chance that you will meet numerous people who are in the same situation. The earlier you get in touch with an experienced public adjuster in Phoenix to repair your roof, the quicker the damage can be repaired.

While you're at it you'll need to secure your roof's exposed area as a top priority. An exposed roof may result from heavy rain, high winds, or hail. This can cause water damage within your rooftop and your home as well as a weakening of your security for your home.

In an emergency, installing a tarpaulin over the area of damage will significantly reduce the risk of further water damage and leakage into your home.


What to do

If, after a major storm, you notice roof damage:

  • You can reduce interior leaks by replacing missing flashing or flashing on roofs. This will cause water to leak into your house and continue to rain. To gather rainwater, will need to go into your attic and place buckets under the areas that are open. Remember to empty them regularly.

  • Dry out any water that's accumulated in your attic.

Safety First

  • Don't attempt to climb on your roof after rain or when the shingles are wet. This could be dangerous and slippery.

  • Never stand on a wet or muddy tarp. Also, never stand directly on a rooftop with a steep slope.

  • Do not attempt to fix the roof or put a tarp over damage when a storm is raging.

  • Always request an adult companion for assistance with emergency roof repairs, such as Select Adjusters.


  • Use a tarpaulin to temporarily secure your roof. This can help to limit further damage until an expert claim adjuster arrives to carry it out. A woven plastic tarp is needed to completely cover the damaged area. It should be at minimum one meter wide. The tarp needs to be secured to the roof using pieces of wood (two-by-four) as well as screws

    • Use one end of the tarpon a piece of wood and secure it to the wood by using screws. The tarp is to be secured to the roof one two meters higher than the area by screws. It is then necessary to roll the tarp down to the roof's roof surface over the exposed area until about a meter beneath it, and wrap the other side of the tarpon a piece of wood, securing it in the same way as previously.

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