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Do you need to hire a roofer? in the event of Coronavirus?

Mar 14


Governor Doug Ducey issued an executive "Stay at home, stay healthy, Stay Connected" order to Arizonans on March 30th. The stay-at home order is for roof inspection in Las Vegas in case there is any type of roof maintenance services.

Participate in or conduct essential activities

To volunteer, or to do essential work in order to get employment;

To use any products or services provided by essential business services

If you are a sole proprietor, family owned or a family-owned company working for you, it must be carried out in a distinct space and is not accessible to the public.

The Governor's Office is encouraging Arizonans to "improve social connections by:


Staying in contact with family, friends, and other social support and systems to ensure you're in regular contact;

Informing fellow Arizonans about the negative impact of social isolation on health

It is also important to build resilience and develop activities, such as taking part in social gatherings online and helping neighbors, participating in connection campaigns for at risk populations and volunteering.

Governor Ducey clarified the essential services and businesses could continue to operate after the executive order was in effect. You'll find roofing repair services for north Las Vegas roof repairs and roof repair north las vegas. What does this means for Arizonans However? What happens if you've got an unsound roof? Do you have the option of hiring a roofing contractor to visit your house?


What activities are "essential" during Arizona's Stay At-Home Order?

As part of Governor Ducey's stay at-home order The policy stipulates that these are necessary activities:


"Obtaining essential supplies and other services to support family members, pets and household members including groceries, food and supplies for household consumption and use of equipment and other supplies to work from home, work assignments for completion of distance learning , and the products needed to safeguard your family roofing contractors las vegas nevada, sanitation and essential care of the home or your home.

Engaging in activities that are essential to health and safety, such as things such as seeking out medical, behavioral emergency or health services, as well as obtaining medical supplies or medication.

Family member or pet in a residence or other household and does not mean that it is only restricted to transportation for vital health and safety-related activities as well as to procure the necessary equipment and services for the other household.

You can engage in outdoor activities such as running, cycling, walking, or running , however only if your have the right physical distancing techniques.

Attending work in or conducting essential services that include but isn't limited to transporting children to childcare services to attend activities in an essential service.

Engaging in constitutionally protected actions such as speech and religion, the democratic process to include voting as well as any legal or court process, as long as it is done in a way that offers appropriate physical distancing to the greatest extent that is feasible."

What does all this mean to Arizonans What businesses and services are thought to be vital?


What is considered an "essential" service under Arizona's "Stay At-Home Order?

The Governor's office has released an updated list that clarifies which companies are considered "essential" businesses. Essential services refer to services that are provided in the following sectors like Advosy Roofing:


Healthcare and Public Health Operations

Human Services Operations

Essential Infrastructure Operations

Essential Governmental Operations

Essential Businesses and Operations

These are vital businesses:

Food and drug stores.

Food, Agriculture, Beverage

Outdoor recreation activities.

Charitable and social service organisations


Businesses and gas stations require to transport their customers.

Financial institutions

Supply and hardware shops

Important trades.

Mail, post, shipping, logistics delivery, pick-up, and post services such as post, logistics, delivery, and pick-up.

Education institutions

Laundry services.

Restaurants that allow for eating off-premises.

You'll need some supplies for working remotely.

The supplies are essential for businesses and operations


Services and care at home.

Shelters and residential facilities.

Personal and professional services.

Executive Order exempts day care centers for employees

Manufacturing, distribution , and supply chain of essential industries and products.

Motels and hotels.

Funeral services.

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