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The problems caused by leaks Commercial roofing

Apr 20


Cadillac Roofing company is your ideal choice for roof leak repair. There are no DIY solutions are required to apply. Your roof is important for both tenants and businesses. Toronto commercial roofing should solve any leak issues you have. Tiny holes turn into wide areas that allow water to invade your commercial property and bring costly repairs - not only to the roof but the structure of the structure if the leak has been ignored. It doesn't matter what type commercial space you own whether it's retail residential, or office the tenant's satisfaction will depend on the health of your roof. Let's examine the typical problems that afflict a commercial roofing system.

7 Issues that have been caused by a Result of Commercial Roof Leaks

Mildew and Mould Growth

Water is , without doubt, the greatest threat for roofing systems. However, there are other risks. When water invades a roofing system and is left to sit without drying, it will develop mildew and mould, which can cause respiratory discomfort as the spores are breathed in. The petri dishes that are your roof leak is a perfect habitat for mold growth. It requires three things : air, water and food to proliferate with incredible speed. The roof peak supplies the water, while indoor conditions provide the air mould requires. Anything from carpet to drywall, is a food source for mould. Find the ideal Concord roofing company to meet your needs.


Wood Rot

Wood rot occurs when wood is subject to water pressure and mould. Wood rot could cause structural damage to the roofing and make it more vulnerable to collapse. If the damage is too severe that it is not repairable it will be necessary to remove the rafters and trusses. This will help ensure the structural integrity of the roof. Don't be embarrassed about choosing a roofing contractor in Concord , CA.

Insulation that is damaged

If the roof is leaking it could put your insulation in danger. It's like this: water falls onto the insulation and collapses the air pockets used by insulation to stop loss of heat. If the air pockets are flattened, insulation stops functioning as it should. This could result in energy loss and huge utility bills.


Fire Hazards

Water and oil aren't compatible or mix with electricity. water - it creates a fire hazard when water gets into an electrical system. The water that seeps through the roof will cause damage to the wiring needed to run the building. After this, exposed wiring will be used to ignite the fire. Strat Searching roofing contractor near me, if you're facing any type of problem that is serious.


Slip Hazards

Water that leaks from the roof will eventually get to the floor. The water that has escaped into your building can cause an accumulation of puddles on floors. Falls from a slip or fall on a floor with undetected water causes injuries and lost man-hours for workers and destroys the enjoyment your tenants have in your facility.


The Roof's Integrity is compromised. Roof

Even the strongest commercial roof is susceptible to water, and when water does get in, it creates many problems. Consider for a moment about the foundation of your building. The water runs along the sides of your building, it meets the foundation, and then degrading sets in. Commercial buildings can cost thousands of dollars in repairs in the event that they are not properly taken good care of.


Energy inefficiency

This article has discussed your insulation and the loss of important air bubbles that reduce the transfer of heat. It is likely that your utility bills will rise if you are using more energy. With time, you may notice that you're heating the outside. It is a different aspect to take into consideration when looking at your efficiency in energy use. You are using more energy than you require which causes climate change due to the emission of fossil fuel gas to the atmosphere.

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