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6 Lawn Maintenance Tips to make Your Yard More Happy

Apr 28


Make Your Lawn Last Mow

November can be quite dreary and wet. It's a good idea to give your lawn a last cut, but avoid doing this if your grass is wet from the fall rains. This could cause obstructions in your mower and make it hard to mow correctly. Lawn Worx is a better alternative. Instead of mowing the grass when it's damp as this could cause the grass to rip and damage its appearance.

Find Fall Aeration

If you haven't already performed it this fall, be sure to get your lawn Aerated. This will break up the turf that is hard compacted, and will also help to prevent thatch build-up. It's not recommended for snow and ice to be put down on soil that is already harder than cement. The soil should be loose and airy so that the roots of turfgrass can grow as well as air, minerals, and water can reach the root zone. These aren't possible if the soil is compacted, or the thatch layer is not thick enough. Both problems can be solved through an aeration process! There's no need to be worried about them rising to the surface when the weeds that have been a nuisance have finished flowering throughout the season.


Apply A Winter Fertilizer

In the winter months of late fall and early winter It is recommended to apply a granular fertilizer containing higher nitrogen and potassium levels. Potassium is the component that gives your grass its strength and helps it to withstand cold and wind in the months to come. Nitrogen will balance potassium. Find lawn care professionals near you.


Get those Leaves

Raking or blowing leaves into piles is an exercise, literally and figuratively, but it's vital to maintaining a healthy lawn. If you let leaves build up, they'll cause a variety of problems later. The first is that leaves and other organic matter that is lying on the lawn will overtake it, leading to yellowing and browning. In addition, and perhaps most importantly fungal fungi prefer to live beneath leaves because it's dark, dank, and they're also able to flourish there. We've dealt in the following fungal diseases:


  • Powdery mildew

  • Snow mold

  • Fairy rings

  • The Necrotic Ring

  • Brown patch

  • Red thread

  • Root rot is a serious issue

  • Dollar spot

You might ask, "Are leaves good for mulch?" Sure you can, if they're placed in your gardens, but once again the trick is to keep it off your lawn. Even if you decide to utilize it as mulch as we'll be discussing in the next section, it's best not to apply too thick of a layer or you'll cause problems for your flower and shrubs.lawn lawn care services in Georgetown Ky is the ideal option for you to take advantage of.

Mulchleaves made out of fallen leaves can be used again

The simplest and most economical method of obtaining mulch for your yard is to recycle fallen leaves. methods of obtaining mulch for your garden is to recycle the fallen leaves that you have in your yard. You can chop and shred leaves into smaller pieces, then apply the mulch in a thin layer around shrubs, trees and flower beds. If you're applying the mulch around a large tree, ensure you leave about a 6-inch gap around the base prior to applying the mulch. A mulching attachment can be purchased that fits over your garden waste container If you're interested. The top holds the leaves and converts the leaves into mulch. It's similar to an old-fashioned shredder for paper!


If you'd prefer using compost, wood chips or straw, those can also work. Your garden will be grateful for the materials you pick. Winter can be very cold and dry. Anything you can do to keep your plants hydrated is a blessing. Keep in mind that less is more. The soil needs to be dry, but not dry that it draws fungi.


Correctly Mow

If you are mowing your lawn any time of the year, don't trim more than 1/3 of the blades. Leave your lawn at 3 inches in height can aid in its growth and will also help prevent weeds and diseases. That's because weeds need a lots of direct sunlight in order to grow. However, if your lawn is at the right height and width, it will block sunlight so that seeds of weeds aren't able to reach it. Alternate your mowing style every time. You don't have to mow in a parallel fashion if you typically do this. Then, you can mow diagonally. This can help avoid grass ruts due to mower wheels and allow grass to develop straight. It is also possible to call landscaping georgetown ky.

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